Monday, 31 October 2011

Bright and Breezy

Has your Monday morning gone as quickly as mine? I can't believe we're on the home stretch already! Must be that wind blowing time away.

And its not just time blowing away - what about all those leaves! Aside from delaying trains, those pesky leaves can find their way into your guttering.

If you've neglected your guttering why not book a guttering inspection with our drainage expert. He can give your gutters and drains the once over, looking for faults such as cracks and leaks. He will also clean out any debris and remove other obstructions found along the way.

Top tip:
Use the fallen leaves from your garden (or local park) to make leafmould. Well rotted leaves can be used as sowing compost (or potting compost if mixed with sharp sand, garden compost & good soil). It's dead simple to make - store the leaves in loosely tied black bin bags pierced with a few holes. VoilĂ . The hard part is finding somewhere to store them. Its not a quick process by any means as it can take a couple of years to mature. On the upside, you'll have a free supply of compost.

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