Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 3 - Plumbing in a new shower room

We are just at the end of Day 3 of our case study.  A considerable amount of progress was made today and I am pleased to say that it is becoming much clearer where things will be going.  The recessed shelves in the showering area were created today so we can see where our "his" and "hers" bottles will be stored in only a few days time! 

Some careful measuring has taken place to work out where the tile cuts will be and to help to decide where things will visually look best.   At first we thought that we were only going to be able to have one recessed shelf but now we have realised that two will indeed be possible.  I am a very happy bunny! 

All the cables for the lights were installed today and we can see the placing of the lights in the shower area.  In addition, the toilet cistern has been fitted as has the support frame for the toilet.  

You can see the frame where the toilet will go (that is the cistern)

I have had to spend a little more money than I had budgeted as I decided after talking to our fitter to have more lights fitted around the room.   Please remember that when you change things, they do cost more.   Also, if anything unforseen happens that requires additional work, this will also cost more.

Please always allow a budget for extras and accept that you might have some really great ideas that you want to implement while you have the chance (like my additional lighting). It makes the difference between having a "great" shower room and a "really, super, fantastic" shower room. 

You can see where the recessed shelves will go. Note also the waterproof backerboard.  Can you also see the wires near the shower tray where we have decided to fit more lights.

I noticed that the dust was worse today.  I was naive to think that I would somehow have got through having work done in the house without noticing it.  It is impossible to clean effectively at the moment so I will just have to ignore it until we are finished.  The routine this morning with the kids was much smoother and the light in the children's bathroom was fixed (thank you, husband!) aiding the accurate application of eyeliner this morning before work!

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