Thursday, 7 February 2013

Update: Day One Shower room Refurb

We are half way through day one and our fitter has stripped out most of the main pieces of bathroom furniture. You will remember that I told you that there was a leak coming through to the kitchen, well once the shower tray was removed, it was possible to see that there was damage to the wall. 

Here are some pictures: 

This is beneath the shower tray. Can you see the wet patch on the floor.  This was probably the result from our leak.

Bye bye will not be missed!

Au revoir toilet...glad to see you go too!

Under the shower again...can't see too much here but I am told that the wall is soaking wet

I have to say that I am happy that we have decided to go ahead with the refurb.  Water can cause so much damage and we had only temporarily repaired the little gap where the water was going through.   You can see that our silicone fix had already failed and that it would not have been long before the leak started running again through the light in the kitchen.  Not good!   Note that leaks don't always show in the area directly below the bathroom..they go to the lowest point in the room.  This can make it difficult to identify exactly what the problem is!

I am looking forward to getting home from work tonight and having a chat with Graham to see how he got on.  I will share the video with you soon (.."Hair, Makeup, please!").

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