Monday, 18 February 2013

Day 5 - Top tips on refurbishing a shower room

The tiling seems to be getting finished really quickly now despite the fact that the tiles are porcelain and the cuts can be quite difficult. Always check the type of tiles with your tiler before you buy them.  If you can think about it, ask him where the cuts will be so that this is agreed in advance.  You definitely do not want any irritations at the end of the job when you are looking at your wonderful new shower room. 

Our choice of porcelain tiles has definitely slowed things down for us and a few tiles have cracked in the process.    So, as another top tip, always remember to buy at least 10% more tiles than you need.  You will be thankful of this if you ever crack a tile as you will want to replace the cracked tile with tiles from the same batch.   

Today we managed to get the underfloor heating down and the room is nearly ready for the floor tiles to be laid.  We have had a couple of really long days (more than 12 hours).

Underfloor heating is being laid

The tiling on the walls is nearly finished

 It turns out that, as well as a problem with the ducting of the fan, there is also a fault with our wiring which is mysteriously somehow linked up with our other bathroom.  We now need to have a look at this problem and resolve it so that we can continue with our work in the shower room.  I will keep you posted as our electrician should be back again sometime this week.  

From a client point of view, I have got quite used to my new routine in the children's bathroom and organised myself properly around all the dustsheets.  I have taught my eyes to look away from the irritations of the dust and I tell myself repeatedly that I will be able to clean everything up soon.  I am being super patient and not letting it get to me.  Watching the shower room evolve every day is making it all worth the hassle of the inconvenience.


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